Ball Float Valves

Aug 19 2019
Ian Mayston


15-50mm Screwed Cobra fig700 / Venice Ball Float Valves (Copper balls to suit)

• Complete with SABS stamp
• Suitable for 12bar or 6 bar water (Max 60’C)
• Spec available in pdf on request



Ball Float Valves

Ball Float Valves are used to automatically control the water levels in tanks and reservoirs. Made out of brass and come complete with copper or pvc balls. Available for pressures up to 12 bar water with a max temperature of 60’C. Sizes available from 15-50mm with screwed male connections. Two options available “COBRA” fig700, complete with SABS stamp OR Venice Ball Float Valves.  ‘SPECVALVE” “VENICE” “COBRA“, quality brands and products you can trust.  Specifications available in pdf on request

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Brass, Stainless Steel


15, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50