Level Control Valve

Aug 20 2019
Ian Mayston

50-300mm Flanged Cast Iron Level Control Valves
It controls the liquid levels of tanks. The valve closes gradually when preset
level approaches.
• Suitable for up to 25bar water and a maximum temperature of 80°C


Level Control Valve

FRASER” Level Control valve maintains a constant level in side of a tank/reservoir. The control valve is controlled by a float pilot inside of the reservoir. This can be fitted either on the main body or remotely (2m). The valve is a Hydraulic operated control valve that  consists of four major parts. These are body, diaphragm, cover and stem assembly. The only moving part in the valve is the stem assembly and the diaphragm. The valve seal is replaceable. The seal is a NBR quad seal. The stem assembly is guided in the cover by a renewable bearing and by the replacement seat.

The unique body designs allow for greater flow rates at a lower pressure drop through the valve. The designs also lessen the turbulence in the valve. This ensures a prolonged life and a very smooth operation. The standard Fusion Bonded Epoxy coating is applied internally and externally to the valve body, bonnet, and wetted parts. Not only does this provide adequate protection against ambient corrosive conditions and environmental attack but also enhances a smooth flow through the valve.